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Camera(s) coming online

We've got the first camera (Colony-Cam) up and running now. A few wiring repairs are needed before we get the Gourd Cam running again. Hopefully the Site Cam is not too far behind either.

So far around 6 martins are hanging out here.



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Gourd Cam running, nest check normal

Today's nest check with Jim showed nothing abnormal - some signs of occupancy in a few of the top gourds. We also installed the gourd cam and it is now operational.



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GourdCam now on nest with 6 eggs

During today's nest check we attached the gourd camera to Gourd D, which now has 6 eggs in it. It is the last of the big-clutch nests right now, so we hope to be able to see the cycle from hatching on. Nothing abnormal noted in any of the gourds - no sign of mites.



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Gourdcam moved from #8 to #11

Today during nest check, the gourdcam was moved from Gourd #8 to Gourd #11. It seems likely that the eggs in Gourd #8 were duds as the predicted hatch date has come and gone weeks ago. Gourd #11 has the most recent eggs so we still hope to follow the hatching process up close using the camera system. Keep watch with us!



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Babies starting to hatch

During last Wednesday's nest check, 2 young were observed in Gourd 9 which is first on
the block this season with babies. Gourd 6 also went from 4 eggs to 7 eggs, so
that is the biggest clutch so far. We totaled 55 eggs and 2 young this check.

Projected hatching dates range from 12 April to 21 April so next week should see even more young appearing.

Gourd 8 (with the camera) is estimated to hatch around 21 April and has 6 eggs (up from 4 eggs the previous check). The estimate could be off by a few days so keep watching! :)

Here is co-landlord Jim Ray finishing up the nest check on Wednesday:Click for large view


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