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Jessica Lunsford

Wow, it's a good thing Democrats & Republicans passed "minimum mandatory" sentencing laws for "crimes" like growing cannabis, so they could let this Couey slimeball out in the first place. Otherwise, he'd have been in jail. The fact that Couey apparently used illegal drugs is allowing the media and certain elements in law enforcement (Jessica's sheriff, sadly...) to blame drugs, it seems, while obviously inspiring my sarcasm.

I, by contrast, hereby blame Couey's criminality (duh!) along with the tax and spend drugwar which kept him out of prison despite the fact that we jail record numbers of NONviolent "criminals." I think it's obviously stupid. Not only that, I really hope this rant upsets you -- because I'm right (obviously) and the "mainstream" media's wrong. (Hey, this blog thing's good for more than just purple martin fun!) SOMEBODY needed to make the sarcastic comment in the first paragraph, about 36 hours after Jessica's body was found is when I'd have done it, if TV were smart-enough to hire me...

Anyway, if I've managed to make you mad enough to debate the tax and spend drugwar with this, good. There's a comment section -- use it, and try to refute me if you dare.



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Frustrating birds

They abandon gourdcam gourd. We move gourdcam to the gourd they now seem to want to inhabit. They move to different gourd. Sigh.



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I can finally post!

Looks like fellow Landlord Mike has about 10 birds, and my dad's colony has a pair. We seem to have 5 as of today (maybe 4 will stay the night).



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45 eggs now

We counted 45 eggs today in the nest check. 2 were singles that probably won't be incubated or survive, but plenty of 6-egg nests too. We may have chicks the next time...



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Gourd 11 (cam) babies

Looks like there will only be 2. Whatever has been working on the mites (either Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap or cigar tobacco, we aren't quite sure which!) really did a fantastic job in gourds 8-9, but apparently we moved the beginnings of a mite problem in 9 to 12 with the camera. :( Wow, was that camera housing full of mites!!! Hopefully, removing it removed most of them, and 12's babies are about to fly/flying anyway, but I still added the chopped up "roaches" of a good cigar or two. On the new babies, I just used cigar tobacco, but this gourd was badly-infested, and we have reason to believe that martins have no sense of smell.

This time we took the camera down for a while, and gave the mites some soap on a q-tip, followed by about 15 minutes in my very hot car while I had a very cold beer! :) This worked, they're all dead, but we have a running battle with them, for sure. I don't want to do nest changes if we can get away with killing them naturally. I'm glad we noticed the mites congregated in the lids last year -- that combined with knowing what Dr. B's does to fleas on animals was a breakthrough, but it might just be that tobacco's what's working! Who knows???


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