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Successful rehab

The martin patient taken to a local wildlife hospital was successfully released earlier this week. A nearby colony with active nests was the site of the release. The patient had fully recovered and took one last mealworm from his screened cage before flying off to join the local martins. Thank you Florida Wildlife Hospital and Mike D. another local Purple Martin landlord!



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Martin patient update

The fledgling (Patient ID 06-1829) transported to Florida Wildlife Hospital is progressing well. They report he/she had a foot injury which is recovering and also that he/she is eating well. Once recovered, they will release him/her back here at the colony location.


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Action at the colony

This morning there was a fledgling sighted low near the ground on a shrub about 25 feet from the gourds. He did not seem ready to fly and possibly had fledged early. He was placed back in gourd 11, the gourd-cam gourd, as the only possible age-group for him. The birds in that gourd have recently fledged. Also wiped off the camera lens which was pretty grungy.

While watching that gourd after replacement, a small hawk (Coopers? Sharp-Shinned?) swooped down on the colony and was on the chase after one bird - the martin was able to dodge away and then all the other martins helped chase the hawk off. There are about 20 martins hanging out today.

UPDATE 11:54am
With no sign of feeding the single fledgling, and seeing two fights via the gourd-cam, I took him out and transported him to the nearby Florida Wildlife Hospital who do rehabilitation.



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More eggs - double dippers

Today's nest check revealed that indeed new nests have been started with eggs counted in gourd 6 (which already fledged 7 young) and gourd 10 (which already fledged 2 young). There was also one dead young bird in gourd 3, presumably one of the 6 young from that gourd.

Gourd 1: empty nest
Gourd 2: empty nest
Gourd 3: 1 dead young, empty nest
Gourd 4: empty nest
Gourd 5: empty nest
Gourd 6: 4 eggs
Gourd 7: empty nest
Gourd 8: 4 young, 2 eggs (duds?)
Gourd 9: empty nest
Gourd10: 2 eggs
Gourd11: 4 young visible (gourd cam)
Gourd12: empty nest

Totals so far:
Fledged: 40
Died: 1
Eggs: 66
Probably hatching remaining: 6

The late eggs indicate a good chance of young in the nests past July 4th, a very long season this year.



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Nest building in June?

I've seen bird(s) landing on the ground, picking up nesting material (leaves) and taking it into gourd #6. Could martins be making a new nest this late in the season??? Stay tuned...


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