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In response to: Eggs!

Bill Compton [Visitor] ·
Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks
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In response to: Eggs!

James Christian [Visitor] ·
I just built and put up a Purple martin house for my mother. i realized that i was likely too late in the season too attract any birds but i wanted to test the house and how it was in the wind. 12 hours later and I have 4 martins flying around and inspeciting the premises. In your experience as florida purple martin landlords, do you think they will attempt to breed now?
Another question. what do you do when there is an expected hurricane or tropical storm?
many thanks for ideas,
james christian
safaris in kenya
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In response to: 2 gourds updated, nothing abnormal during check

Chip Konrad [Visitor] ·
Do you actually have nests already?
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In response to: Martin patient update

lori [Visitor]

Well, sort of.
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In response to: Projected hatching 18 April

Robert Taylor [Visitor]
I would like to know the height for the martin house. I am in Northern Mi.

Thanks, Bob Taylor
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In response to: A single mom in gourdcam???

jim [Member]
Well, I just saw the pair in there today, but I'm not sure where the other one sleeps. The cam covers pretty-much the whole area, but it seems the moms sit on eggs/chicks while the dads like to hang vertically on the walls, so I suppose he's either vertical somewhere outside the camera's view or else he sleeps in other gourds. Anyway, it's good news these young will have 2 birds feeding them -- they'll need to grow fast because they're basically gonna fledge and then immediately hit the staging grounds and migrate....If they make it!!
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In response to: Holy Pin Feathers! - New babies

jim [Member]
What's cool about this is that we now get birds 'till July 4th (but eventually we must clean out the gourds and store them). This is exceptionally good news, I wish these little guys luck, though, they're going to be fledging awfully-late! Hopefully, the third egg will hatch -- it's pretty certain the parents are second year birds (at least, the nominal parents -- female martins are total sluts and wish to breed with older birds if possible on the sly! The males all do whatever they can to be just as slutty as the females, of course...).

We also found many bird mites -- especially in gourd-cam, which we killed with Dr. Bronner's soap (see previous posts!) on a qtip. The rain washes it off, but today I found mites even in the housings of the owl-guards, so the lesson for next year is to treat EVERY sheltered surface when there's plenty of time. I can't believe landlords don't ALL use Dr. B.'s, it's absolutely death on the mites, in the camera there were many dead mites -- so many that the lid had essentially become non-toxic by means of killing hundreds and hundreds of them, but STILL there were mites, so we treated again and killed them all.

The nest to the left of the former gourd-cam gourd on the upper level (all the way left) was a seething mass of various nasty-looking bugs, but again the lid threads had killed hundreds of mites! (It was still gross!)

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In response to: #3 first to build

Jim [Visitor]
Note we use the soap on the threads of the lids to the gourds, so it can't touch the birds. The mites tend to congregate in the threads when they're not hitching a ride on the birds.
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In response to: Additional camera

Paula [Visitor]
I love love love the infrared gourd cam!
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In response to: Thanks to our supporters!

mom [Visitor]
Looking forward to seeing the new baby martin pictures.
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In response to: Gourd #9 Fledging Day

jay [Visitor]
a followup - looks like the fourth martin from #9 fledged at 10:35 ET to join his siblings outside. he wriggled out and immediately flew off to the east.
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In response to: Gourd-cam down?

jay [Visitor]
Gourd-cam is now back. Our battery may be a little undersized. For now we have a second similar battery and will see how it goes.
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