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A single mom in gourdcam???

I think there's only one parent (maybe a mom, if dad met up with the local hawk for an unscheduled lunch!) in the gourd-cam. I've only seen 2 babies -- there could be three because I haven't seen the other egg -- so it should be ok. A local landlord friend, Mike, has had a single parent martin raise and fledge six young alone IIRC when half of a pair got killed, so it happens...

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Comment from: jim [Member]
Well, I just saw the pair in there today, but I'm not sure where the other one sleeps. The cam covers pretty-much the whole area, but it seems the moms sit on eggs/chicks while the dads like to hang vertically on the walls, so I suppose he's either vertical somewhere outside the camera's view or else he sleeps in other gourds. Anyway, it's good news these young will have 2 birds feeding them -- they'll need to grow fast because they're basically gonna fledge and then immediately hit the staging grounds and migrate....If they make it!!
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